Bilice is a small village without a mass tourism placed near the National Park KRKA in Croatia. Embedded between the city of Šibenik and Krka waterfalls, Bilice are the perfect place for family holiday. It is located at Prukljan Lake but it is not a real lake. Actually Prukljan is a connection between open sea and Krka River, and depending on the season, the water is more or less salty. The depth of the water is max. 2.5 meter.The water temperature allows swimming from May till October. In the high season the temperature goes up to 27° C. On Prukljan there are no high waves, so it’s perfect for small children. The beach consists of pebbles made by nature. On the hill behind Bilice there are vineyards, olives, fruit plantations and fig trees. Among those there are hiking trails if you want to explore the nature.